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Begin by reading this document. This will walk you through the process to prepare your calendar for printing - including necessary programs, support files and a customized hands-on tutorial written specifically to layout calendars. The "live" template file includes "00" for the zmanim (as a place holder) until you submit your calendar for print at which time we will send you a proof with your correct zmanim inserted (based on your zip code or city name computed at

If you would like one of our professionals to handle the full personalization of your calendar, contact us at (718) 604.0400 or Prices for personalization can be found here. (References available upon request.) Once we have personalized your calendar, we email you a PDF for you to go over and correct. Another PDF will then be sent with the corrections done for your final approval. Your calendar is considered "submitted" after we receive your final approval.




Calendar customization*: $500 $400 and includes:

Zmanim (based on your zip code).
Your choice of "special' and secular holidays placed on the correct dates.
Three business cards scanned and placed on top pages.**
Up to 40 wishes (birthday, yahrtzeit, anniversary, events) added on the correct dates.***
Cover: Organization name and other contact info and/or logos.
Back Cover: Return Address & Indicia (and/or ads, photos, etc.)
Inside Front Cover, Page 3 and Inside Back Cover.****
Insert Pages: $20 per page.


*Includes one round of changes.
**Four business cards on the top pages is an extra $100.
*** Additional 100 wishes: Standard Calendar $50, Compact Calendar $75
**** Basic text layout with up to 3 digital photos or scans per page.

As soon as you are ready to get started contact us: (718) 604.0400 or email:

$250 deposit for the design is due before we start your project. Balance due before submitting to print.


(718) 604-0400

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